Amazing Grace Fellowship is a non-denominational church that has lively and charismatic worship. We utilize a full band and sing more modern music. We love to worship and live a lifestyle of worship.

Our Senior Pastor

Pastor Lynn Schaal is our primary teaching pastor and leads the majority of the services for AGF. Pastor Lynn offers a practical, down-to-earth preaching style with lots of storytelling. You can read his full bio and listen to his latest teachings here.


AGF operates in all of the church’s sacraments and offers communion weekly to believers in attendance.


AGF consists of people who do life together. We are helping people and train people to be helpers. There are many programs for a person to get involved with but a great place to start is one of our AGF miniChurch. These are small-knit groups who meet outside of scheduled services to grow together. You can learn more about AGF miniChurch here.

AGF Kids

Our children’s ministry vision is to “Connect kids to God and to each other”.  We minister to children from birth to the fifth grade on Sundays and Wednesdays.  Our team of volunteers is looking forward to meeting you and ministering to your children!