What is our purpose at AGF?

To help people and to train people to help others. By Loving God, Loving People, and Loving Life.

Where are we headed?

We will impact Southern Idaho, the surrounding region of the Northwest, our nation, and other countries. The scope of our vision is broad and our mandate is clear.

Our Goals Specifically:

Structuring for a church that will reach 10% of the community on a weekly basis. Our final facility will be situated on a 40 acre campus designed to house the various ministries. Continually helping people discover their God-given gifts and talents, then training them to help and minister to others.

Using multi-media and the fine arts to reach even more people, including radio, television, the internet, publications, theatrical productions and concerts.

Having a fully accredited Bible College called Grace School of Ministry, with leadership and ministry training as a primary focus. Educating our children and youth through a School grades K-12. Establishing new congregations by planting churches in other communities. Sending missionaries out to other nations as well as short-term and long-term missions trips. Facilitating different ministries having AGF as a base.

Why are we going to do this?

Simply put, we believe that the Lord has given us this purpose or mandate.

How are we going to accomplish these things?

  • By following the direction of the Lord and staying focused.
  • By prayer.
  • By every person doing something.
  • By never giving up!

How long will it take?

However long it takes!! The purpose and vision is worthy of the effort necessary to see it come to pass. I intend on spending my lifetime working at it!