The Pursuit meets weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 pm to experience amazing relationships among young adults (18-30), and to worship together experiencing the powerful presence of God. Our mission in Pursuit, is to chase the truth. Each Pursuit service features praise and worship, and an anointed time in the Word. The Thursday night service is the main event for Pursuit and getting the Word in the lives of AGF young adults is a top priority. After services we spend time developing relationships through fun activities such as bowling, restaurants, bonfires etc.


Pursuit Connect Group is an event we do every trimester and involves going on a trip outside the city of Twin Falls.  Anyone who has completely gone through all 4 levels of The Challenge is invited to come.  Examples in the past have been Six Flags in California, Boise River Float Trip, Lagoon, CreationFest etc.  

G2 Conference is a youth-college merge weekend in which we create a “pep assembly” atmosphere inside of the youth church venue. Guest speakers rock the house, praise and worship is kicking, jock jams are playing, prizes are given at the door, video announcements are crazy, and other youth groups are invited to experience the fun of G2. G2 happens three times a year, in January, June and September.

Adopt-A-Block encourages our young people to give back to our community to help show the love of God through our actions.  We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10 AM in the youth room and go to the Presidential Streets from there.  After we are done at 1 PM, we provide free food and drink back at the church.

1st Thursday Night Of Each Month we have a “special” service with a theme that is designed to engage young people who normally would not come to church, while at the same time creating a fun environment for anyone who regularly attends Youth Ministry.  Examples of themes we have done in the past are The Amazing Race, Tournament of Champions, Talent Show, and Night At The Movies.

The Challenge is our discipleship program at The Pursuit.  It involves four different levels that a young adult goes through and engages different aspects of leadership, education, outreach, and hands-on ministry.  There is a prize for completing each level, and we encourage every person to go through it.  

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