Life Development is AGF’s systematic process to help you grow in Christ and become all that He has called you to be. We believe that the job of the church is not just to accomplish ministry (Helping people), but to help everyone discover their purpose and to fulfill that purpose by equipping and using the gifts that God has given them. When The Church (People) is equipped and doing what God has called them to do, we expand the reach and influence of the church to help more people (Eph. 4:11-16). We encourage you to commit yourself to the AGF Life Development Process so that you can become who God created you to be and fulfill all that God has called you to.

Here’s The Process:

(1) Knowing God (Foundations) – Knowing God is to help you build and nurture a foundation of knowledge in God, of who He is, what He’s done, and who you are in Christ. Knowing God is the foundation that leads to our spiritual growth. We want to help you build a foundation that propels you into a greater relationship with God, and encourages you to accomplish everything that He has for your life. Know God is an 8-week class and is the first step in the AGF Life Development growth process. This class is for everyone, whether you have been a Christian for a day or your whole life. There is no prerequisite to enroll in the class.

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(2) Becoming Family (Membership) – Becoming Family is the process of getting planted in the local church by helping you understand the history, structure, beliefs, and practices of AGF. We believe The Church is more than just an organization; it’s a family of people from all different walks of life, that serve the Lord alongside and with each other. Becoming Family can help to create a sense of belonging by being a part of something bigger than ourselves. It also provides the structure necessary to release people to do the work of ministry within the framework of pastoral guidance and training, while creating a natural net of accountability to one another. To complete the Becoming Family process, we ask you to watch a set of online videos (2 hours) at your convenience, attend a class led by Pastor Lynn (1.5 hours), and then make a commitment to the people that make up the local church of AGF. There is no prerequisite to enroll in the class.

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(3) Discovering Purpose (Maturity) – Discovering our purpose is crucial to living the life God intends for us. We want to help you discover your purpose by guiding you through a process of recognizing your God-given gifts and passions, in addition to understanding how they work with the call of God in your life. Jesus shows us through the parable in Matthew 25 that we are stewards of the gifts and talents that God has given us and the ultimate goal is to hear God tell us, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” We want to help you hear “Well Done!” by helping you discover and fulfill the call of God in your life. Discovering Purpose is a 12-week class that is offered multiple times throughout the year, and is your next step after you’ve completed both “Knowing God” and “Becoming Family.”

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(4) Making A Difference (Lay Ministry Training) – Now that you have discovered your purpose, we want to help you make a difference by developing and using your God-given gifts to accomplish the call of God in your life. After completing Making A Difference, you will understand the awesome privilege and responsibility to serve God’s people, your community, and the world. This part of the process is meant to be more than just teaching, but to provide a hands-on environment to help you apply your passion and your gifts to what God has called you to – in other words – to fulfill your purpose! We will use the examples of Paul mentoring Timothy as a framework for what it means to lead others and to use our gifts to fulfill the call of God in our lives. Making A Difference is a 10-week course only offered once a year in the Fall. It is also the final step in the AGF Life Development process. You must have completed Knowing God, Becoming Family, and Discovering Purpose to enroll in this course.

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End Result

After Completing the entire Life Development process, we believe that you will have been given the tools necessary to begin walking in what God has called you to, by using your gifts, passions, and purpose to fulfill His call for your life. You will have been given information that will help you in your development of ministry service to the Lord, to your family, to the congregation of AGF, and to your community. You will also have met the necessary requirements to serve in a departmental head capacity in one of the many ministries of AGF.