Becoming an intern at AGF can be a wonderful opportunity to help you succeed in your future ministry. Our goal is to equip servant-oriented leaders for ministry. Our mission is to provide experience, training and discipleship for people desiring to serve in church leadership.

Our Vision is:

To EDUCATE you in how to build and lead a ministry

To EQUIP you to live a godly life

To EXERCISE and develop your ministry skills

To EMPOWER you to succeed in your future ministry

Key Elements

This is an energetic and challenging program designed to sharpen and train our interns so that they are fully equipped to serve God in every area of ministry from the mission field to the marketplace. Each week, our interns will spend many hours dedicated to their area of specialty. The rest of their time is spent in:

Classroom study (Educate)
Serving others (Equip)
Ministry opportunities (Exercise) Such as: Serving in your assigned ministry track, Interceding for the church Volunteering around the offices and church and various events in the community, Participating in organized evangelistic outreach(es), Actively participating in a Grace Group
Leading others (Empower)
This program is for those who want their lives radically changed, refined and pruned for service. The AGF Intern program involves classroom time, guest speakers, conferences, outreach, service, learning how to put your trust in Christ and truly activate your faith.

AGF Interns are leaders in the making, getting hands-on training in the various departments of the church, and being molded to be well-rounded Christian men and women.