Grace Groups

The Connection at Amazing Grace Fellowship

AGF Grace Groups are used as tools to build relationships between our members and to facilitate personal ministry within the church family. Grace Groups and Life Development together make up the backbone of structure at AGF.

Grace Groups are created around common interests (such as sports, hobbies, music etc.), and areas of common need (such as age groupings, single parents, praying moms, etc.) and the largest bulk of Grace Groups are dedicated to Bible studies and fellowship.

The leaders of these groups are extensions of the pastoral ministry and are very helpful in ministering to the body and bringing cohesiveness between the staff and congregation. Through Grace Groups there is a place for anyone who desires fellowship and connection to the church body. Grace Groups work on a semester schedule from Sept-Dec, Jan-May and a mini semester from June-Aug. They have a specific time frame and duration, so they are easy to schedule into your life. We encourage everyone to attend a Grace Group that interests them, and to grow in the Lord and in community through friendship and fellowship at AGF. Grace Group and Ministry Catalogs are available at the information center at all times.



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