Christian Living

Christian Living, Practical Steps to The Word of God is a practical blueprint from which every Christian can build a successful life. This series takes an indepth look at 8 Christian disciplines, found in II Peter Chapter 1, and how to walk abundantly in them.

Price: 40.00 USD (8 pack)

Current Issues

When we understand the current issues in our world, we can bring the light of truth to those who are unaware. We believe this dynamic series will challenge your thinking and help clarify what the word says about the issues that surround us daily.

Price: 20.00 USD (4 pack)

Living On Purpose

What does it mean to have purpose in life? If means that your life has focus and direction. It means that you know what you are placed on this earth to do. If you have ever wondered, “am I fulfilling my purpose?” This CD series if for you!

Price: 25.00 USD (5 pack)

Mercy & Hope

Mercy and Hope go hand in hand. When we come to the Lord in need of His mercy, we always find it, which then, gives us hope. This thought-provoking study on mercy and hope will both challenge and inspire you in your Christian Life.

Price: 30.00 USD (6 pack)

The Most Noble Pursuit

There are all kinds of things to pursue in life. You can pursue relationships, careers, and many other “good” things. There is a pursuit that is not just “good,” but is the greatest and most noble pursuit of all. It is the pursuit of the knowledge of God.

Price: 25.00 USD (5 pack)


Learn how to build healthy and lasting relationships.

Price: 25.00 USD (5 pack)

Sowing & Reaping

What are you sowing, and are you happy with the results of your previously sown seed? In this series you will learn to be patient in the process, as you live your life on purpose…sowing & reaping!

Price: 15.00 USD (3 pack)

Strong Families

This series will give you tools to enhance your marriage and to give your family the firm foundation it needs to thrive. Whether you have a fabulous marriage/family, or if you are struggling to stay married, your relationship can become stronger, and bring glory to God. The change can start today as you listen to this series on Building Strong Families.

Price: 35.00 USD (7 pack)

What is Important to God

To be a real pursuer of God, we have to adopt God’s values. We may have to incorporate or discard some things we have deemed important and make sure that whatever is important to God is important to us.

Price: 45.00 USD (9 pack)

Book: On A Rock

Authors: Lynn Schaal & Gus Brackett
This book is an entertaining and informative inspection of the basics of personal finance. Whether you are clueless in handling your money or just need some helpful hints, you will find answers in On a Rock.

Price: 15.95 USD (book)